Coffee Brings People Together

We believe that when people come together great things can happen. Simple Coffee is about bringing people together and we've been doing this since 2013. Coffee has a way of being a part of those countless "coming-together" moments. Simple, authentic, and direct have been our guiding principles from the beginning.
Simple Coffee Simple


We believe that coffee should be simple and simply made. Machines have a place but no machine can take the place of the human-to-human interaction that happens over a cup of coffee. We want to help preserve and promote the "humanity" and simplicity of coffee.
Simple Coffee Authentic


We believe coffee should be authentic, free from chemicals, gimmicks and tricks. Authenticity should be represented in all aspects of the value chain from coffee cherry to cup - high quality coffee, sourced locally, fresh roasted, and served to people in an authentic and honest way.
Simple Coffee Direct


We believe in direct trade. Direct trade is "fair-er" trade. Direct trade helps put buyers, sellers and producers together on a more even playing field so that all parties have a voice and can experience more benefit from a shorter and more valuable supply chain.

What is coffee to me?

A Note from the Founder
I asked myself this question many years ago as I started on my own coffee journey, from a poor college kid who consumed large amounts of cheap coffee with even larger amounts of sugar and cream to starting an international coffee company focused on a few core values. So, what is coffee to me?

Coffee is private and intimate as it is often made and sipped in the early and quiet hours of the morning, before the chaos of the day begins. Coffee is public and loud as it is often celebrated at conferences and tradeshows around the world with roasting, brewing and latte art competitions. Coffee is bold and confident as it becomes a trusted companion during an awkward meet-n-greet at the office or some other gathering place. Coffee is the livelihood of farmers, roasters and that friendly, or not so friendly, barista who works at your favorite local coffee shop. Coffee is many things.

However, there is one thing that stands out to me the most about coffee, it is that coffee has the magic to bring people together. Special things happen when people come together. Culture, community and connections happen. I invite you to join us on our coffee journey as we seek to bring people together to affect positive and lasting change in this world. And, it begins by sitting down with a friend and enjoying a cup of coffee together.

Jason Weimer
Jason Weimer
Founding Partner

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